Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Birds to Beasts - October 8, 2011

Since October began the only day I went out to bird was October 1st, the weather was windy and slightly cold and the only bird I could get a shot of was this White-crowned Sparrow.

On Saturday the 8th my son and his girlfriend and I went up to Browns City to visit Summer Winds Wild Life Sanctuary. The sanctuary is non-profit and a USDA licensed facility that provides a place for these animals to live out their lives in a safe place. The people here all donate their time to keeping these animals fed, provide medical help and sheltering.

The reasons they come to the sanctuary are because they were unfortunate to fall into the hands of people who thought they would make good pets or because of circumstances beyond their control.

Passion (pictured here) was originally in a travelling show that didn't work out for her. She didn't like being moved from cage to cage or to be shown. Another tiger Pandora, was given up because she didn't turn out to be the white tiger they were hoping for. There are monkeys, alligators, a white tiger, grizzly bears and black bears. They have ducks, a white turkey, painted turtles, a skunk, donkeys, and cats who's development came from cross breeding a houshold cat with a leopard or tiger.

It was an educational day - they don't know what to expect when they get one of these animals. A tiger recently had a cub (it wasn't outside - too soon) so I would consider going back out next year to see it. There is a fee for the tour which goes towards taking care of the animals.

Next weekend - back to birding. Til my next post.

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Jerry said...

Beautiful photos, Patricia! I love them!