Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Horned Owl - March 19, 2011

Between the snow and a situation that was out of my control March has definitely roared in. But Saturday was a calm day and I decided to take advantage of the sunshine that was out there. I took my usual drive down Roberts Road and then to Campau Road, after that I headed over to Lake Erie Metro Park. There wasn't too much activity out there so half way down the trail I prayed that the Great Horned would be sitting on his usual branch. I stopped and stood on the stump just before the boardwalk to see if I could see inside the cavity of the tree and saw nothing. I started my walk around the boardwalk, not sure if I saw him or not I walked just a little more to put myself in front of the tree he perches on and there he was. He seemed a little nervous to me - he kept looking in front and then would turn his head to look either behind him or to the sides. At one point I thought he might take off but all he did was jumped to another branch which gave me a better chance at an unobstructed photo. Standing on the look-out I haven't seen any movement in the hollow and I thought by now there would be. Not sure if she is even in there. If anyone knows would appreciate a yeah or ney. That's it til my next post. Have a good one.