Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Horned Owl at LEMP - January 7, 2012

Last Sunday decided to go out to Lake Erie Metro Park to see if I could find the Long-eared Owls and the Saw Whet Owl that had been reported. Unfortunately the Saw Whets had left a couple of days ago and the Long-eared were gone or really hiding well. I ran into Rodney Laura on the trail who had mentioned that something big had just flown down from a tree over the canal but never saw anything fly up. A few moments later another photographer said there was a Great-horned Owl on the right side just past the big tree after the boardwalk. Sure enough there he was sitting on a limb maybe 200 feet off the trail (might be 100 - I'm a very poor judge of distance). This is probably the closest I've ever been to the adult. He was also very cooperative.

Til my next post...