Monday, May 9, 2011

All is Well With The Three - May 8, 2011

First off let me wish all moms a belated "Happy Mother's Day". Took Thursday morning off to see if I could find the three owlets that got abruptly evicted from their domain. It was a gorgeous day except for the two bus loads of Grosse Isle kids that walked the trail like they were at an amusement park. The birds were singing up a storm and then they came and the birds took cover. Fortunately I was ahead of them and did have a chance to spot two of the owlets perched on a tree off the trail to my left a ways before stepping onto the boardwalk.

On Friday I decided to take the day off and go see if I could find them again. On this day the Jefferson school kids were there and they were more interested in finding the items on their scavanger list. There was one little who was wondering what I was photographing so I took the time to explain that the Great Horn Owls in the park had three babies and that their home was destroyed by the windstorm we had a two weeks back. I asked them to look out where I was photographing and described the tree to them and to look real close to the one branch. There they saw one of the three perched. I had just taken a photo so I had them look at my camera. They thought that was so neat. There was also a group of little girls that passed through and they were curious as well. I went through the same explanation and told them there should be another around. One said "Is that one?" Just above my head (real close to the trail) sat another owlet. I'd like to think that hopefully this stimulated some new interests.

Saturday I stayed home to do some chores but on Sunday I was out early. The fragmites on Roberts Road near the gate is full of sound but the movement is staying out there. And at Campau Road there's a goose family with 6 little darlings and an Indigo Bunting that keeps flying around with the House Sparrows.
At Lake Erie Metro Park the word was they were all spotted even one of the parents. This is them one, two and three. One of the parents made an appearance when one of the little ones flew off to another tree. Til my next post.