Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oop! Erased Mays Post

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photos from April Outings

The month of April started out by travelling to Magee Marsh with Jerry Jourdan.  Since I've never been there we ventured out together on Saturday - April 14th.  Weather was a little on the over-casted side with some rain now and then but gave us time to walk through and grab some photos.  Jerry was able to grab a lot more photos than I but I did manage to get a Yellow-rumped Warbler and saw shorebirds that I hadn't really seen before. At least now I know where it is and hope to venture out again.

The rest of the month I spent most of my time near Pte Mouillee on Haggerman Road where if you drive slow enough and just watch the ground it moves.  Sit still enough and you see Horned Larks, Savannah Sparrows (everywhere), and Kildeer.  My hope when I travel this road is to get a Bobolink (because I've never seen one except in a book).  I didn't get one this outing.

From Haggerman Road I drove over to Roberts Road where there seems to always be an abundance of sound and movement.  Except today (4/21) the only picture I can get is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher jumping here and there and everywhere.  From Roberts Road I went over to Lake Erie Metro Park to see what I could find there.  My real hope is to possibly see the Great Horned Owl but since my last post that was the only time I saw it.

My walked through nature trail at LEMP gave me Tree Swallows, Song Sparrow, and Cedar Waxwings. There were Wood Ducks in the back channel of the trail, Yellow-rumped Warblers were moving around in the twisted branches of a tree, not really close enough to get a good shot, and what I think to be a House Wren is also moving through the branches.

Click here are the photos that I managed to capture on my outings.  
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Horned Owl at LEMP - January 7, 2012

Last Sunday decided to go out to Lake Erie Metro Park to see if I could find the Long-eared Owls and the Saw Whet Owl that had been reported. Unfortunately the Saw Whets had left a couple of days ago and the Long-eared were gone or really hiding well. I ran into Rodney Laura on the trail who had mentioned that something big had just flown down from a tree over the canal but never saw anything fly up. A few moments later another photographer said there was a Great-horned Owl on the right side just past the big tree after the boardwalk. Sure enough there he was sitting on a limb maybe 200 feet off the trail (might be 100 - I'm a very poor judge of distance). This is probably the closest I've ever been to the adult. He was also very cooperative.

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