Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Quiet Weekend - August 12, 2011

I spent this weekend at my brother's house - joining in with my sister-in-law in a yard sale. The first day (Friday) was very quiet so I sat out on the deck and decided to just watch the local visitors to their enormous flower bed. Good thing I brought my camera or I really wouldn't have anything to do. They get a lot of House Sparrows and an occasional American Goldfinch. In this huge grape vine that has spread out and onto the branches of the tree in their backyard lives two Cardinals. There was a Northern Flicker (heard and seen) but he just wouldn't co-operate to get a photo. When the birds disappeared I decided to photograph a bee that's been going through the Rose of Sharon like it's a fast food diner.

After a while I moved myself to the inside of the house where my brother is the owner of two dogs, Crash and Shadow and two cats. Malarkey came from the Wyandotte Animal Shelter about 4 years ago and the newest addition to their family is Dumpster. Dumpster was found by two kids who went to take the trash out to the dumpster and they heard him crying. Their mom was allergic so the next day she was telling my my sister-in-law about this and well she went and pick it up and brought this less than 5 week old kitten home. After a visit to the vet, eye drops for his eyes, some medicine and a safe spot to sleep this little guy is doing just fine.

Til my next post.